Taking “Just you, the water and the rocks” as its slogan, the Eifelsteig hiking trail leads into the largest still intact highland moor in Europe, the Hohes Venn, through the only National Park in North Rhine-Westphalia, on 313 km from Aachen to Trier.

Its partner trail, the "Stolberg Copper Route" which is about 1 Kilometer from the apartment, will lead you to the Eifelsteig; more information on the Copper Route will be found below.


Naturpark Hohes Venn-Eifel

An upland moorland area unique in Europe - in autumn the pipe grass in the Hohes Venn shines in unmistakable rust orange, in winter and spring its pale yellow determines the colour of the landscape.
Knotty birch moors, round willow bush groups, single spruces and sweeping rowan trees lend the moorland a bizarre silhouette.
Wonderful, varied walks on the typical wooden footbridges, but also along numerous streams such as Hill and Getzbach.


More Hiking Highlights

After approx. 5 minutes walk you are in one of the largest contiguous forest areas in NRW.
We will be happy to assist you with hiking suggestions to help you choose your perfect route.
Hiking highlights, which you can get ready-to-go as suggestions, are for example:

Beaver hiking tour (12 km),

which leads you to the beaver buildings of the wild beavers at the Weiße Wehe


Copper route (13 km),

from Zweifall on the partner trail of the Eifelsteig to Stolberg Castle and back by bus

More about the copper route...


Hasselbachgraben (22 km),

very long, but all the more great hiking tour, to the closest part of the highmoor Hohes Venn and along the Hasselbach ditch through the forest; alternatively, shorter versions are also possible.

To the complete Hasselbachgraben-Tour...


Daffodil tour (4-13 km),

a wonderful natural spectacle during the daffodil blossom time in spring in National park Eifel, when thousands of wild daffodils bloom at the same time! There are several well signposted routes available.

More about the Daffodil route...


Kall-Trail (8 km),

the scene of the battle in the Hürtgenwald in winter 1944, historically very recommendable!

More about the Kall-Trail...


Children's walk to the Solchbachtal (6 km),

directly from the apartment, with shallow streams perfect for throwing pebbles, only little incline so it is also fun with bike, running wheel or pram, and an old enchanted entrance to a given up ore gallery: on this way, even the little ones have fun in nature!